I opened today's paper to see the following:

"Iraqi government figures show April was the deadliest month for civilians since August last year." "Double Suicide Blast Kills 30 in Iraq", By REUTERS, Published: May 1, 2008

What are we to do? Is it just me or is this war turning into a carnal nightmare?

I am currently reading a book about Vietnam, "Lizzie's War" by Tim Farrington. The novel desribes Vietnam in straightforward and horrendous prose and begs me to wonder about our own current war: "Where are our protests now in this first decade of the 21st century; Where is our sense of injustice; What is this apathy to real lives being lost, mostly innocent civilians and American boys; Why do we, as Americans, not really seemed concerned?" At least our concern seems to pale in comparison to the group outrage expressed against Vietnam only a generation ago. And I wonder what is wrong with us. What is wrong with our political/social/economic climate that we have left it up to the current election's nominees as the first really public figures to stand, this late in the game, on their soap boxes and loudly spout what has been so glaringly obvious all along: that we are at war, that people are dying for no good reason, that this was a mistake?