Suzanne Rae is the Shit

 Photography: Tracy Morford

Look Good

Loving this Suzanne Rae Pelaez's haunting Spring Summer 2012 campaign and collection.  I think this bandeau bikini might be what I've been looking for the entire season. It's so Old Hollywood in fabrication and silhouette, I just can't. The presentation on her site is brilliant and if you haven't been on vacation yet this summer to a lake house in the woods, the shoot will make you YEARN for it. I want to be on that empty tree lined country road in the middle of the night night in that white dress RIGHT NOW. I also have a crush on both the designer and the photographer, Tracy Morford.

Do Good

Palaez is a female-centric designer who uses sustainable fabrics whenever possible. She supports local industry by doing 100% of  production in New York City's Garment District and collaborates with local artists to create unique prints for each collection. Basically she's the shit.