Loafers are a Great Alternative to Prissy Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats are kind of prissy but they're so comfortable and practical. If you live in a walking city it would behoove you  to invest in a pair (pun intended). It took me a few years to get on the ballerina train but last spring I finally bought a black pair leather pair, with snake skin textured toe caps (from Banana Republic, shhhhh don't tell anyone they were really cool I swear leave me alone). I haven't taken them off in months. The front soles have separated from the bottoms and it looks like I'm walking around in shoes with flapping rubber Muppet tongues. I tried to super glue them back together. I REALLY DID. But alas, it's time to buy another pair of flats. It's not that I'm cheap, I just haven't been able to find ones that were un-prissy enough for my taste. But search no more. Finally there's a great UN-prissy alternative to the flat- ladies meet THE LOAFER. I really wanted the Loeffler Randall ones in this post but apparently so did bixches everywhere because they're totes sold out. I liked that they were covered in tasteful silver studs, adding edge but not over the top. I've found other loafers with studs but they always seem to be way too garish. To clarify- it's not that I think the  loafer is a new concept, I don't live in a cave, but they are finally on trend. They offer up a great alternative those of us who find ballerina flats insulting to our edgier senses of self. I love these DolceVita Loafers above sold at Urban Outfitters because they are simple, have a wooden sole with a rubber bottom so you won't fall on your ass, and they are straightforwardly awesome. I want to get all three shades but that would be greedy so I settled on the practical black. I am practical, if anything, at heart. At $79 they are a much more attractive in price alternative to the Loeffler Randall studded loafers I still have wet dreams about.  Sigh. One day.