New clothing line monster crush: LnA

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and ready to start with a clean slate!

If you've seen me recently I've most likely been wearing the above LnA items. Ad nauseum. All together, separately, to bed, to Netflix, to dates, to bitch, to laugh, to cry, to garden (yeah right). But you get my drift. Recently introduced to this line, I'm pretty convince it was designed with me in mind: grandiosity complex much?

But really. Comfortable separates you can do ANYTHING in! And by "anything" I mean roll out of bed and go directly to a party and no one would know you were double dipping. I wore the Column skirt on New Years Eve when I didn't even feel like going out and IT FELT LIKE I HAD STAYED HOME IN MY PJs. But I was out. Having fun(ish). Let's be honest- New Years can be weird. But speaking to the topic, this line is worth a long, intense gander if you're a girl of the casual chic ilk.