I Die Friday

Happy Friday Love Birds!  Here are some items to dream about this Halloween weekend. I'm super excited about my costume- haven't done Halloween up right in years. I'm tempted give away my costume right now but where would be the fun in that? I'll wait to post pics. Plus, I'm weary of copy  cats ganking my steeze.

Back to what puts a nail in my coffin this Friday - firstly these Rag & Bone Jean Leggings. I am refusing to call them the other word, yeah you know what I'm talking about. I've been looking for a great pair of red jeans for a while - these are the perfect color because the orange undertones make the red not too garish. And the fit, well it's major.  Then these Lizzie Fortunato Half Moon Earrings are just like wearing little rockstars dangling from the sides of your head.  Weird analogy? Yes it is. Both the jeans and the earrings are rad and relatively affordable.  The Nicholas K. Brigade Jacket  is totes amazeballs, and looks so warm, but it's also over $1,000 so.....the stuff of dreams. Happy Halloween ya'll!