My friend Nettie is a mermaid - Nettie Kent Jewelry

Photography -  Betsy Blundell  {Nettie and I took the ones of Betsey in them...of course :)}

Nettie Kent (above image) is the closest I've ever come to meeting a real, live mermaid - her hair, her beauty and her spirit just don't belong on land. Besides the fins (and thank God she doesn't have fins right?  where are mermaid's pee-holes?!) she is the real deal. Growing up on Martha's Vineyard, Nettie's backyard was the ocean.  Her line, Nettie Kent Jewelry, is a bit like wearing a beautiful jewelry version of the ocean: slices of sand on your fingers, gorgeous sea foam on your wrists, whispering sand dune grass dangling from your ears. Srsly. All her pieces are made from two of my most favorite materials - brass and leather. Nettie, who worked for Philip Crangi, has designed a line that is so on point it is truly difficult to decide which piece(s) to purchase.  It's no wonder Nettie has already received attention from trendsetting moguls like Agyness Deyn.  What better way to celebrate Nettie's line than to do a shoot at the beach with our friend and photographer Betsy Blundell, getting to wear all the jewelry!  We took these shots a few weeks back at Ft. Tilden.  And man, as I sit here writing this, cuddled up under a comforter with the sniffles,  it makes me nostalgic for summer already.  I think I'll go call my mermaid friend Nettie and have her take me with her back to the ocean…