Southern Design brought to NYC: sustainable and green

 Amoena Lingerie

Suzeseams, milliner

Fashionable Notes, reusable maket bags


Mark Edge Jewelry

Yesterday I attended an event hosted by Southern Designer Collections.  The annual event  presents a very selct group of southern designers to New York City media, stylists, and industry insiders. I was excited to be invited as I have soft spot in my heart for all things Southern since I did my undergraduate degree at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia (see this and this).

Yesterday I was very impressed by the high level of design and craftsmanship but I was even more impressed by the huge focus on sustainability in much of the work.  It looks like Southern designers have fully embraced the concept of "green," perhaps even more so than New York designers.  Kathleen Plate designs all her "Smart Glass Art" using recycled glass, Mark Edge designs using only reclaimed metals, and Juan Hernandez of Moo Moo Designs uses all "green" materials, dyes and finishes- including the use of gorgeous animal hides and horns sourced only from animals that have already been used for meat.  Not to mention Fashionable Notes, a cute and reusable market totes line in lovely sherbet colors.

On another note, I'm completely flipping out about Amoena Lingerie.  Get this: beautiful lingerie for the full busted woman. Yes, I said 'beautiful'. They even have sizes for smaller rib cages.  I am a 32DD and, since puberty, it has been like looking for a needle in a haystack to find a supportive bra that is also pretty.  Ladies like me know that it is next to impossible to find a bra that keeps everything in place but doesn't look like a bra you stole from your grandmother's underwear drawer.  Our choices are pretty much limited to bras that look like parachutes held up by 5 inch thick bungee straps.  Believe me, Victoria's secret bras don't cut it- their straps are too thin and their bras are just not made for women who have large breasts.  Breasts that are real anyways, where the laws of gravity apply. With large fake breasts, bra type doesn't really matter. They stand on command.   Anyways, the Amoeba bras are gorgeous and also use a hi tech fabric that regulates your body temperature- cooling you when you need it and transferring heat back to you when you're cold.  AMAZING!  I am just upset that I can't get my hands on one of these bras before August- that's when they hit retail stores. 

Enough about breasts, I also must add mention the other designers. Sushistyle, a really cool little company where all the designs are inspired by sushi!  I loved their furniture especially and would love to get my hands on one of these pieces when I move into my new place in October- so fun, sleek, cute and modern!  And Amy Bubes Jewelry was very pretty,  all one of a kind, hand crafted aregentium sterling silver where no two pieces are alike.  Amy and I shared our love for combining silver and gold jewelry together. So there you have it, it is jeweler confirmed: mixing gold and silver jewelry is ALLOWED. Mickey Lynn  Jewelry was very 'on trend'- employing the use of crystals galore.  Absolutely gorgeous.  And Finally, Suzeseams had unique handcrafted millinery.  Southern women just know how to do hats!