Saturday Night Steez: channelling my inner pinup

Dress:  Grace 
Leather Biker Jacket:  vintage
Lipstick: Maybelline 'Very Cherry'
Nails: OPI gel 'Big Apple Red'

Last night attended a co-worker's birthday party and decided to channel my inner pinup for the occasion.  I got my first gel manicure ever yesterday.  Lately I have admired several women's hands who all informed me that they had this type of manicure so I thought, it's KISMA, I have to get one too.  I always thought that gel manicures  were a tacky nail extension sort of deal but apparently not!  I learned that this type of manicure lasts WAY longer than a regular one and doesn't really chip-  it also thickens your nails.  Sold.  I chose the OPI gel color 'Big Apple Red'- a 1940s, very deep red.  The color inspired me to channel this same spirit for the rest of my outfit- of course with my own little edge. I wore a biker jacket that's actually a real biker jacket- sourced at a local thrift store several years ago for only $40.  In terms of makeup, I didn't actually wear very much, even though in the pics it kind of looks like I have a ton on for some reason.  I wore MAC foundation, a little blush,  and winged liner created using Bare Essentials black eyeliner applied with one of their eyeliner brushes.  I and also threw on a beautiful Maybelline lipstick shade,'Very Cherry', that matched the OPI nail color well. That's it. I think if you're going to wear winged liner AND red lips that you should skip any sort of eyeshadow or deep blush, etc.  It would be overkill! 

 The dress was given to my by my lovely roomie Jess.  She is a woman after my own heart and has a very full closet that she's trying to pare down.  Lucky for me she's constantly giving me beautiful clothes!  The dress came with a leopard print belt but I  decided to switch it up for a black one, just to break it up a little.  If you know me well you'll know that I take any chance I can get to wear animal prints.   I've been really digging a look that merges vintage 40's starlet with a 50's pinup look lately.  I think it fits my personality/figure/overall look well.  I'm going to continue exploring it.  What do you think?  

**The 4th image is of a pie box from 'The Bluestove' - this amazing bakery on Graham Ave. in my Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood.  I got my co-worker a mini-pie as a birthday present.  I thought the box, stamp and bow were just darling.