Back to Cold Weather Clothes. Sigh.

I just returned from a glorious long weekend in Gainesville, Florida visiting one of my oldest friends Kristin.  We swam in a fresh water spring at midnight, gazed up at the stars and saw the Big Dipper and Orion's belt. We ate grilled burgers by a camp fire, hung out with a group of lovely Marines who were way too young for us.  Otherwise we laughed, and frolicked under the sun on the beach, filling up on seafood and farmers market goodies.

Landing back in NYC  last night was a shock- it is still very much winter coat weather here, to my dismay.  Today's post is meant to inspire me back into wearing my cold weather wardrobe considering I spent the last four days in cutoffs, wife beaters and a sandy swimsuit.  These beautiful warm colors, metallics, great hat, and superbly executed color blocking make me feel like I can manage NYC until my next trip back down south in May. 
Top Image: Gucci, http://www.style.com/
Second Image (from Top): photographer Katarina Soskic, http://www.dazeddigital.com/
Third Image : marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall 2011 RTW
Fourth Image: http://www.stockholmstreetstyle.com/