And then there was Alexa….

There are so many things right about this outfit and right, in general, about the way Alexa Chung dresses on every occasion. She doesn't ever seem to have a bad sartorial moment. I suppose her rail thin, statuesque frame really doesn't hurt talent for looking good in almost anything. But she doesn't wear just anything; her get up is always simultaneously very well thought out and effortlessly executed. Her eye (or her stylist's eye) for detail is really superb. I am coveting the animal print backpack and the slouchy satin blouse in a bad way.

I love how (above) Alexa pairs a Jackie O. style blazer with a high waisted knit jersey skirt with pockets- the mix of high and low is done perfectly. The worn leather bag is icing on the cake. These days I'm really into women's bags that have a part satchel, part briefcase aesthetic- they are at once utilitarian and sexy. The bag (below) by Mulberry was named after Alexa. If you are overcome with the urge buy it for me I would not fault you. Just hit me up and provide you with my address. No questions asked. xo