Feathers, Plates and Pleats

Love this BCBG Pre-Fall 2011- the color blocking on pleated fabric is both elegant and relaxed. The blocking is somehow less harsh and more approachable when placed on pleats rather than flat fabric- which is more commonly used this runway season. I can see the woman in the top image coming out of a cabin on a cruise, somewhat like the room above, for a night of dinner and dancing on deck. The sloppy bed with its over sized pillow, covered in beautiful worn blue hued sheets, looks like the perfect spot for a nap! I'd die to get my hands on those mirrors that look like boat windows- what a great way to make a plain space exponentially more interesting! The round shape of the plate of the top image and the feathers by its side seem to tie all the images together in terms of mood, shape and color palette. I'm very fond of feathers lately, particularly when placed in hats...but that's for another post!