An Easter Sunday Sartorial Surprise

On Easter Sunday I went to my great friend Mary's, expecting a lovely Easter brunch, when I was presented with a marathon impromptu shopping session. Hours later I would have to take a cab from the Upper East Side back to Brooklyn, dragging three garbage bags full of pre-loved, plunder behind me

Mary's sister Genevieve recently moved to LA. She left in her wake bags and bags and boxes and boxes of things she no longer wants or needs. I could hardly contain my excitement and dove into the pile, coming up for air seldom, sneaking quick bites of quiche feverishly. I asked people what they thought of things. I threw the "thumbs ups" items into a take home pile, which became a mass that took over my chair and soon another chair. Sitting obviously wasn't on my agenda. To name just a few of my scores: a Gucci blazer, a button down vintage Jaeger London blouse, a Vera Bradley Bag and a pair of "Findi" aqua pumps. You heard right, not Fendi's but "Findi's"? Puleez. What's better than the real thing? A knock off with a less than discreet imitation name.

I think I could probably dress myself through the entire summer and into the winter from these bags alone. Thank you Genevieve! I am a huge fan of buying (or being given!) "pre-loved" clothing- for both environmental as well as economic reasons. So, I'm going to start posting pics of me in all of my wonderful new outfits.

Genevieve's Closet #1

The jewelry and maxi dress (photo is cut off but it is a floor length dress) are from Genevieve. The belt was my own. I am belting everything these days. It really emphasizes the waistline, of which I have little. Plus belts rock.