Outfits I Want

This is a new section that I am adding to my blog. It concerns outfits, looks, and hair that I'd shoplift if I were still in Middle School but now (that I have a conscience) can't afford. I get my images from the internet, magazines, and pics I stole off of you or your friends' Facebook pages when I was stalking you.

I'll most likely try and create mockups of these outfits for myself using my scant resources. These resources currently include thrift stores, Forever 21, a hope and a prayer, and a soap scum covered mirror that is uber forgiving.

I'll probably post pictures of my attempts. That is if I find any time between school, slave labor (internship) and waiting tables. Maybe I won't. Don't expect much.

Hot pants? Yes please!
Coveting this shade of blonde.
Accessories i'd kill you and
your dog for.
Flower print sun dress, high heeled combats
...and a backpack???
The '90s
never looked so trampy in
a good way.