Since Last Week.....

i have been:

1. violently ill for three days straight.
2. figuring out what i am going to do about housing at parsons....think i might do the on campus thing.
3. training in a new position at the bank. my department recently shut down but fortunately a position in international, that required a Spanish speaker, came up. perfect timing. life seems to work in strange ways like that doesn't it? i must say however that working in banking right now, especially where i work, is especially stressful and strange . sometimes i feel as though living in this country at this moment in time is like being strapped to the mast of a sinking ship. my morale is especially low since my day-to-day is effected tremendously by the credit situation in the u.s. market and it is speculated that my bank is about to be purchased. that could possibly leave 10,000 Ohioans out of work. this prospect is dim and can't but help to lead me muse about if there will be a space in time for me and my future design career albeit the current retail outlook. it should be interesting to move to NYC during this period however. the city is apparently in a state of great flux now that the wall street kings have fallen/are falling from grace because of that unfortunate tragic flaw of greed. my hope is that there will be a Manhattan renaissance where artists take over and reign once more, as they did in days past when rent was actually affordable. who knows. perhaps this crisis will incite tremendous creativity: it would be my hope that the strife will engender in the design world some especially innovative, reactive, and insightful resolutions.